Foundations revealed registration is open plus a free sleeves workshop

I have been hearing about Foundations Revealed for quite some time. I follow the founder, Cathy Hay, on YouTube and Instagram and love her style. Just now FR hosts a free sleeves workshop and I signed on after hearing that it goes all the way from the basics of sleeve-fitting to Victorian sleeve construction details. Yesterday, I binge-watched 3 parts and I finished the workshop today. I can really recommend this workshop that is only available until April 8th. So, don’t postpone watching it! After the workshop, I made my mind and joined Foundations Revealed to get access to all the materials and tutoring it provides.

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Foundations Revealed logo.

Foundations Revealed is famous for its articles and advice on (citing the site itself)

…everything on corsets, walking skirts, grand 18th century gowns, couture techniques, lost tailoring methods, the latest Worbla techniques, and everything magical, fantastical, historical, but not forgotten.

Foundations Revealed opens enrolment only a few times a year, so if you, like me, have been considering joining, now is a good time.

I’m now fighting between sewing and diving into the site for all the info it provides. Luckily there are a lot of videos and audio that I can combine with my sewing so that I can do them both at the same time.

The site is definitely for advanced sewists but they provide a money-back guarantee if you decide to join and then realise that the site isn’t for you. I for myself am happy that almost all the articles contain information that is new for me!

Now I will go back to learning and sewing! See you soon and happy sewing!


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