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    Couture explorer: Beading and tambour embroidery

    If you have ever looked at haute couture fashion shows, you have seen the breathtaking embroidery designs that combine thread, sequins and beads to create fantastic elaborate designs that decorate evening gowns, collars or perhaps jacket cuffs. In haute couture, those intricated patterns are created by hand. Sometimes whole skirts are full of intricate swirls of both beads and thread. How are those made?

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    Happy Valentine’s day…

    … or Friends’ day as they call it in Finland. To celebrate, we are going to have some cake I made! I started a new hobby a while ago and you can see a glimpse in the lower part of the image. Here is a better image: I have never before done this sort of embroidery and I decided to try to hand embroider a letter K to a set of napkins. This is the first one. I found the embroidery surprisingly fast to do due to the fact that I often do much bigger projects. I did not have an instructor,  but I did find some helpful tips in…