Lekala pattern #4279 viscose dress.

About me

My name is Katja and you are warmly welcome to visit my blog!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 36 years old and I live in Finland. I have a husband and two kids, my son K, who is 11 and my daughter S, who is 8. My family is my inspiration and my biggest joy in my life. I love sewing and crafting and I make things not only for myself but also for my family and friends.

Sewing and making things with my hands has always been something that I love. Creating beautiful things is my passion whether it is a new dress for me or a reupholstered armchair at our living room. Crafting takes away my stress and allows me to forget everything else but the project I am concentrating on. I also like the way I can express my personality and my likes through my makes. I don’t have to be frustrated if I cannot find the right dress on the high street when I can make the dress of my dreams with only a few hours.

A while ago I decided to sew myself a whole handmade wardrobe. This is a challenge for me and forces me to learn new techniques as I progress. My last big project was a trench coat that included a lot of classic tailoring techniques. My next goal is to learn to make a classic tailored blazer and to perfect my trouser fitting techniques.

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  • Indera

    Hi Katja,
    How did you decide what garment to start with when you started your own handmade wardrobe?

    This is something I would love to do. My idea is to move towards minimal clothing.


    • kk

      Hi Indera! Sorry for the late reply. I started thinking about the question and then something game up… Anyway, the answer to your question depends on your sewing skill and the way you want to sew. There is not really an answer that is correct. I am certainly not a minimalist what comes to the clothing and I often choose the projects that I’m inspired to make. If I were to start from a beginning I’d first think of my lifestyle and the gaps in my wardrobe. Then I’d choose a pattern that fits my sewing skills. Generally it is good to start with simple patterns like teeshirts and skirts and move towards more complicated projects like coats and trousers. I’d also recommend taking time and not trying to instantly change your wardrobe. I still have some older high-street clothes that I wear even though my new clothes are mostly handmade. Anyway, it’s a wonderful challenge and I certainly am happy with my handmade wardrobe even it is, and always will be, under construction. Good luck with your wardrobe project!

  • Lynn

    Hello Katja. Just catching up on my email and subscriptions and read yours. You have inspired me to make this ‘my year’. Over my whole lifetime I have been a practical sewer mostly for others. This year I have my own sewing studio and I think it is time to sit down and plan makes for me. I like the idea of dreaming beyond the practical and chancing new things… Time to challenge my dreams and creativity. Happy New Year from 🇨🇦

  • neucarol

    Big List of Sewing Pattern Companies—great resource.
    See Iconic Patterns on list, but seems to have disappeared except fir some YouTube videos.
    Would you happen to know if any of their patterns are available somewhere?

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