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    10-year socks

    When I started knitting this pair of socks in 2011, I didn’t believe that it’d take almost 10 years for me to finish them! (Yes, I rounded up.) However, my shoulders started acting up and my migraines worsened every time I knit, so I had to put this project away. Now and then, I took it out and knit for a while and then headaches forced me to stuff this project back into my closet. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and thus, I finished the last rows and bound them off! This post contains affiliate links. The pattern came from Wendy D. Johnson’s book Socks from the toe…

  • Winter in Victorian-inspired costume.
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    Winter is here

    This morning we woke up and the ground was white. I can hardly believe that we have snow at the beginning of November! Anyway, it was a perfect photo opportunity so I dressed up in my Victorian-inspired costume and headed outside. I threw on my Girasole shawl I knitted 10 years ago and it kept me warm. I have been wearing this Truly Victorian 1898 walking skirt a lot this autumn. It is super warm and comfortable and I love the long skirt swishing behind me. A few weeks ago I added a dark grey braid to protect the edge of the hem from wear. I realised that the Gertie…

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    10 Questions challenge

    The beginning of the New Year is a good time for reflection. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I do and why I do it. From these thoughts arose these 10 questions. I decided to challenge all sewers, knitters, crafters etc. to answer 10 questions about their hobby! Below are the questions.

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    Pandas, wrist warmers and a suspender skirt

    One of the S’s favourite blouses is the yellow one that I made of soft cotton lawn since it has a pattern of cute little pandas on it. The pattern for the blouse comes from Yoshiko Tsukioris wonderful book Girly style wardrobe. Now that I’m leafing through the book once more, I don’t understand why this is the only pattern I’ve sewed from this book. The book is so full of super cute dresses and tunics! The suspender skirt pattern I got from here. Since the pattern contained only rectangular pieces there wasn’t a pattern sheet, only the measurements, that were enough. Originally the suspenders weren’t sewn into place but were…