I have posted numerous tutorials and sewing tips and tricks on my blog. Here are all of them in one page! Enjoy!

Pattern tutorials


Tetrahedral bean bag

Follow this tutorial to make an easy tetrahedral shaped bean bag.


Sandra skirt

Make your own Sandra skirt! This tutorial teaches you to draft the pattern and to sew this lovely lined skirt.


how to get a trouser pattern that fits?

I describe my journey through the trouser pattern jungle and show how I finally found my perfect pattern by tracing it from an old pair of trousers. I also go through many fitting issues and explain how to get rid of them.


How to make a pair of narrow trousers

I show how to take your trouser sloper (or any well-fitting pattern of wide legged trousers) to create narrow stretch cotton trousers.

My video tutorials

I show how to trace the pattern from your old good-fitting trousers.

How to sew on a button using a sewing machine

How to sew on a button using a sewing machine. So fast and easy! You don't necessarily even need a special foot. A zigzag foot is enough! 

An easy way to hem a circle skirt

I think this is the easiest way to hem a circle skirt. No basting, no pinning and I can even do it one-handed! Works for slightly heavier fabrics like wools, tweeds and such. The best thing is that the resulting hem is very neat and drapes well.

Sewing tools and utilities - DIY


My presser foot collection - paininjalkakokoelmani

Presser feet are little tools that are easily underestimated. For a long time I used to sew with just two or three presser feet and did not realise how my sewing could be improved with some little additions to my presser feet stash. Now I have over 20...

Bullet Journal for January

Bullet journal for sewing

I have been using bullet journal for over a year. I have found it very handy to use it to plan and organize my sewing. Here are a few ideas for other people interested in doing the same.


Sewing machine maintenance

If you sewing machine keeps ugly noise or misbehaves it is often due to lack of oiling and fluff accumulation. As we use our machines we must also regularly maintain them. Sometimes even the most misbehaving machines can be fixed with some oil…

My DIY pressing tools.

DIY Tailor's pressing tools

Make your seams smooth and achieve professional finish using these tailor's ironing tools. Sew yourself sleeve rolls, make a simple wool dauber and fashion a tailor's clapper and a point presser from wood.


Sewist's notebook

Get free printable pages with realistic body templates. Add a notes section or a page for body measurements. Store the pages into a ring binder or learn how to make them into real notebooks!

Sewing tricks and tips


From knits to wovens
10 things to know

Have you been sewing only jerseys for a while? Are you hesitant to abandon the stretch and to move into wovens that require more tailoring. Read my tips to get you started!


Padding a dressform

Learn how to pad your dressform to your unique measurements. Cover the dressform with a beautiful fabric and mark all the important positions with a ribbon and you don't need to hide your dressform anymore!


10 sewing tricks that you didn't know

Some sewing tricks that make your life easier are never mentioned in any sewing book. They aren’t necessary expensive or require anything that you don’t already have in your closet. Here is my collection of 10 sewing tricks that I have found very useful…

Image: My trench coat deserves a twirl.

My trench coat project

I made a tailored trench coat and documented the whole long process from making toiles all the way to the finished coat. These posts contain tons of information on tailoring and coat construction processes.


Sewing a piped collar and a button band

I found this lovely pink piping as I went through my stash of trimmings and it fitted the colours so well that I decided to use it for the button bands and the collar. In this post I give a lot of details on how to achieve a neat result.


How to bone a bodice

There are different types of boning and different ways of sewing them on. Very often it seems that the boning either comes or is sewn in to a narrow casing. For my lightweight summer dress with pretty much straight seams, it was enough to fasten the boning only from the top and the bottom. Here is how to do it.

Understitching tutorial image.

Neat understitching with an edge stitching foot

You can achieve a beautiful understitching using a right presser foot. Elevate your understitching to the pro-level with my tricks!


Combining two shirt patterns

Often I feel that one pattern has a really nice fit and the other has very interesting details and that I’d like to have both in the same garment. In this post I describe how I combined two pretty different shirt patterns to make a shirt I really wanted.

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A useful sewing trick for piping

Piping has to be sewn in very close to the piping cord. With zipper-foot the piping tends to slide away from the seam line. I have noticed that using an appliqué presser foot the piping goes on like a dream. Check the short tutorial!

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