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    Christmas baking

    I love to do Christmas baking with my kids. I have made all of us aprons so that our clothes stay more or less flour free while we make gingerbread cookies and traditional star-shaped plum tarts.

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    Suomi 100-v! Finland, 100 years! Make blue and white muffins to celebrate!

    Today we are on celebratory mood for Finland has its 100th birthday. In the evening we will light candles and eat a big diner. We baked blue and white blueberry-coconut muffins for dessert. Here is the recipe: Blueberry-coconut muffins 125 g butter 2 dl sugar 2 eggs 5 dl flour 1 dl coconut flakes 1 1/4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla sugar 1 1/4 dl coconut milk 1 dl frozen blueberries Beat the butter and sugar together. Add the eggs while beating continuously. Add the dry ingredients that have been mixed together. Add the coconut milk and mix. Finally carefully mix the frozen blueberries in. The dough makes 12…

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    Happy Valentine’s day…

    … or Friends’ day as they call it in Finland. To celebrate, we are going to have some cake I made! I started a new hobby a while ago and you can see a glimpse in the lower part of the image. Here is a better image: I have never before done this sort of embroidery and I decided to try to hand embroider a letter K to a set of napkins. This is the first one. I found the embroidery surprisingly fast to do due to the fact that I often do much bigger projects. I did not have an instructor,  but I did find some helpful tips in…