Sewist’s notebook

Here is the collection of free printable notebook pages I have made for you. In this page I have collected all the materials I have made.

The original post Make your own sewist’s notebook (free printable templates) is here. Read it to learn how to make a softcover or how to bind your own hardcover notebook.

DIY notebooks

The printable Sewist’s notebook templates

These templates are free to download. Use them as you will as long as you don’t try to sell them. They have been designed for A4 paper.

Croquispad – woman

This is a croquis-notebook page with a woman’s body template and some room for your notes. Sketch your design on the body templates. Then add notes about the fabric and other materials. You can also mark down important measurements and make drawings of the details you want to include.

Fashion croquis template, woman's body and notes section

croquispad – child

Do you design or sew for children? If so, this is a handy notebook page for you. Use it just like you would the woman’s notebook page, but make your sketches on a child’s body template with realistic body proportions.

Fashion croquis template, child's body and notes section

child body template pages

Do you just want to sketch children’s clothes with no actual projects in mind? Or do you have a future fashion designer as a child? Print this template and sketch (or watch your child to sketch) as much as you like! I have made little notebooks for my daughter using this template and she fills them with all kinds of wild designs.

Fashion croquis template, child's body


notes template

Add these pages somewhere in your notebook to add some space for free notes. You can make a sewing queue, a list of your patterns that you want to try, shopping lists for fabrics and notions, …

Empty notebook pages pdf

Measurement table (new!)

Accurate measurements make sure that your garments fit. Use these pages to mark down your measurements. You can draw additional details on the figure template. Add information about things like posture or individual preferences on the notes area.

Measurement table


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