1901 summer jacket pdf pattern


This is a pdf sewing pattern for a 1901 summer jacket. The pattern is based on the original pre-cut pattern that came with the Finnish Käsitöitä magazine number 6 of 1901. I have digitized and cleaned the pattern and added some helpful labels. The pattern comes in both A4 and letter formats that you can easily print at home. I have also translated the original instructions into English (although do not expect much of them).

This pattern fits approximately a person with a bust circumference of 86 cm.

For expert sewers only, who can basically make a jacket without instructions. No seam allowances, facings, modern instructions, button or trim placements are included with this pattern.


Here is my translation from the original instructions. The original magazine can be read and downloaded here.

A woman’s short summer jacket

A jacket made after this pattern is best suitable to be worn with a summer blouse. The skirt is made out of a similar fabric such as dark green cheviot or light coloured wool.

The different pattern pieces are cut, lined with satin fabric and joined together so that the edge of the lining fabric always covers the seams making the jacket look neat from the inside, as well.

The collar is fastened so that x cover the x and the dot covers the dot (see the diagram). When fastening the collar, it is important to hold tight the front of the jacket edge about 20 to 30 cm from the cross towards the shoulder seam. Then, after that stretch the front piece edge for about 5 cm. As well, the curviest part of the side seam about 5 cm from the waist up and down and the ends of the collar piece 5 cm downwards from the dot mark as well as the upper part of the back piece, 3 cm from the shoulder seam, are stretched. This makes the jacket fit better. The collar, cuffs, hem and the jacket fronts are interfaced with lawn.

The jacket is decorated either with woollen trims or narrow bias-cut strips of the jacket fabric that are hand-sewn on.

When using this pattern to make a jacket for the autumn, the jacket is made longer and vest pieces with buttons and buttonholes are added to the jacket fronts, underneath the collar.

A variation to the pattern:

The variation is made by adding to the width of the front pieces and the front pieces are made to curve less. The scallops are left out.

Fabric requirements

Woven wool is recommended. Cotton and linen work, too. With careful placement, this jacket can be made out of approximately 160 cm of fabric with a width of 150 cm. You will also need lining fabric, such as silk satin, interfacing, trimming and a few buttons. Historically these kinds of jackets were also boned but this jacket can be made with or without boning.

Some helpful tips…

… can be found on my blog post here. There you can also find a link to my YouTube video on making this jacket.

Why do I ask money for patterns that can be copied for free at the library? Well, because copying them isn’t free. I have spent hours organizing and going through old patterns. I have digitized the pattern myself and added helpful labels. I spend money on travelling to Helsinki and back and on maintaining this blog. I have also tested the pattern and thus you can see what the outcome looks like on a real person.