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A little crocheted marmot

I found the pattern for this wonderful little marmot from Ravelry. My son loves marmots and this was a perfect gift for him. I had some scraps of yarn already in my possession, so I started crocheting this on Christmas day when I was visiting my parents. This was a great little holiday project!

This pattern was designed by Sonja van der Wijk and you can buy it here. The pattern is very clear but requires concentration as there are so many increases and decreases at (so it feels) random places. I good stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round would have been a very useful tool! Luckily, the mistakes I made are not too visible!

I used three colours: brown, beige and tweedy grey. In addition to these, I used some fiberfill, decorative stones to add some weight, a pair of black beads for the eyes and a piece of ribbon to make the little bow.

All the parts are first crocheted separately and then sewn together. I think that the head was the hardest part and I did have to unravel a lot when I lost my stitch count. The rest was pretty easy after the head. The most rewarding thing was to see the messy pile of parts transform into a marmot when I started sewing it together.

I can warmly recommend this crochet pattern for everyone with basic knowledge of crocheting.

My son was super happy with his extra Christmas gift!

Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing, crocheting, crafting, whatever you fancy doing!


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