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Ironing board cart for your sewing room

Today, I decided to create more organization to my sewing room by making this ironing board cart Ikea hack that I have planned for years. It was very easy and didn’t take long. What I did was to permanently fasten an Ikea Jäll ironing board to the top of the Råskog cart. This made a small and easily movable ironing cart with a space for my ironing paraphernalia that I can keep next to my sewing desk. Here are the instructions for you to make something similar. (This post has not been sponsored by Ikea. Neither do I take any responsibility if you manage to screw this up. Just beware!)

What you need

  • Ikea Råskog cart
  • Ikea Jäll ironing board
  • A plank of wood of approximately 5 cm x 60 cm x 9,5 cm (2″ x 24″ x 4″)
  • 8 wood screws
  • A screwdriver
  • A saw
  • Optional: 2 Ikea Sunnersta jars
  • Optional: Fabric, wadding and a sewing kit plus double-sided tape for the pincushion

Make it!

Saw two planks that are 28,7 cm long. Mine are 9,2 cm high which is close to being the minimum height for these pieces of wood so that they reach the ironing board bottom grid. The width of the planks is not so important. As long as you can still sink some screws in through the narrow side, you’ll be fine.

Placing the planks.

Select wood screws with countersunk heads to keep the heads of the screws poking through your ironing board.


Turn the cart upside down with the planks still in the right position. Screw the planks to the bottom grid, both with two screws.

Then strip the ironing board from its cover and detach the legs. Screw the ironing board to the pieces of wood:

It almost feels like these two products are made for each other!

Now, the cover of the original ironing board is a bit thin. So, I decided to add a bit extra felt to prevent the grid marks on my fabric:

This is completely optional. The ironing board has worked for me even without the extra padding. I just happened to have suitable material hanging around.

Put the cover back on and admire your new ironing cart!

Dressing it up

As I plan to use this ironing board mainly to iron seams that I have sewed, I decided to add a small pincushion to the side of the cart. I am sure none of you needs any extra instructions on how to make a pincushion! To keep the back of the pincushion flat, I added a piece of cardboard and fastened it to the cart with some double-sided tape.

The pincushion

I filled the cart with all my ironing tools: there is room for the iron, the press cloths, a bottle of water to fill the iron, a can of spray starch, a spray can of water, a tailor’s clapper and a tailor’s ham and sausages (I added an s-hook to the side of the cart for the longer one.). Just keep in mind that the temperature and the moisture levels may rise near the top compartment so this is not a place to store things like sewing patterns or magazines!

The Ikea Sunnersta jars hang to the side of the cart. I used them to store bias-tape-makers, seam tape, scissors and other such small things I often use when I press things.

I hope you liked this little Ikea hack of mine. Do share it with your sewing friends, too! Thank you for reading and come back soon. More sewing storage ideas are coming soon! In the meantime, happy sewing!


I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.


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