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    10-year socks

    When I started knitting this pair of socks in 2011, I didn’t believe that it’d take almost 10 years for me to finish them! (Yes, I rounded up.) However, my shoulders started acting up and my migraines worsened every time I knit, so I had to put this project away. Now and then, I took it out and knit for a while and then headaches forced me to stuff this project back into my closet. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and thus, I finished the last rows and bound them off! This post contains affiliate links. The pattern came from Wendy D. Johnson’s book Socks from the toe…

  • Fan skirt by Black Snail Patterns.
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    A fan skirt by Black Snail Patterns

    A fan skirt or an umbrella skirt was fashionable during the 1890s. It was pretty simple in shape: the front was a simple A-line skirt and the back had this half-a-circle shape and pleats that gave it volume. I wanted a long skirt to go with my shirtwaists that would not be too hot during the warmer months and I chose this fan skirt pattern by Black Snail Patterns. This post contains affiliate links. Fabric considerations I wanted my skirt to be cotton and had some problems in choosing the right kind. Cotton lawn would probably have been too lightweight and the cotton sateen sold in the closest fabric shop…