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A Victorian bashlik hood at Espoo City Museum

A little while ago I made a video about Victorian bashlik hoods. In it, I sewed a bashlik based on an extant garment at Espoo City Museum. To my surprise, I was invited to see and study the actual garment and here I’m bringing you with me. Thank you Suvi Kettula and Espoo City Museum!

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  • JustGail

    Your hood looks nice and warm! I may have to make one for next winter – it would be much easier than trying to wrap my long scarf around my head and neck. Do the triangle sections around the tassel point provide any shaping, or is the braid is applied for decoration only?

    Maybe there’s no “right” way to wear it? If it’s warmer and you’d like ventilation, wear tails down. If it’s cold and windy, wear tails forward so it wraps around face and neck closer?

    • kk

      The ribbons are just for decoration and yes, no one can really tell you which way you should wear your hood. I think it is wearable both ways.

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