Summer bra
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Summer bra

Some of the earliest bras I made are beginning to look pretty worn and even those that look okay have started to hurt a bit as the underwire channels have worn down. So, it was time for me to make a new set of underwear. I have had this flowery lycra forever but now I ordered some matching pink fabric to go with it to calm down the busy print. I took my trusted DL04 pattern by MakeBra and made a pretty pink summer bra!

This time I decided to try to make a smooth-edged bra without any fold-over-elastic or other binding. I have used this technique with pre-formed bra-cups and I figured that it should work with cut-and-sew foam as well. I added just a few mm extra to the top of the cup lining but this might have not been necessary as my top fabric was very stretchy. Then, I sewed the top fabric to the wrong side of the foam cup and then flipped it over to make the smooth cup edge.

Finishing the cup edges.

The cup side was a bit tricky but finally I just folded it up and finished the edge by hand. It really didn’t take long to sew up these short seams!

A flower decoration at the bridge of my summer bra.

Bows, flowers, and other embellishments are a good way to hide those unsightly spots where I have added heavy stitching to fasten the shoulder straps and to close the underwire channels. I found this ribbon rose in my storage and then made two tiny bows with the help of a fork. I finished the ribbon ends with fray-stop to keep them looking neat.

Pink ribbon bows were made with the help of a fork.

And of course, I had to make a few pairs of panties to match my summer bra with the same pattern I always use: Acacia underwear by Megan Nielsen.

A pair of flowery panties to go with my summer bra!

One more pic of my pretty little underwear set:

One more pic!

I think this set turned out great and I have already worn it a lot. Thank you for reading and come back soon! Happy sewing!


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