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Marina romper for the summer

This lovely romper pattern by Cali Faye has been on my wishlist for a long time. For some reason I’d never found a perfect fabric. Then I bought this wonderful viscose remnant at the local fabric shop and  I loved the colour and the pattern (of the fabric). I was at first thinking of doing something for myself out of it, but then thought that the strong colour would suit S better. When I remembered this romper pattern, I decided that the pattern and the fabric were meant for each other.


Marina romper was very simple to sew and did not take long. The front and the back are identical and were cut on fold. No pockets, no buttons and no interfacing made this a very straightforward make. I was originally a bit confused with the shoulder straps, since the bows at the shoulders weren’t very well visible in most of the pictures of the romper, but after I figured out that, everything else was easy.


There are elastic bands both at the bodice and at the ankles. The pattern suggests sewing the higher elastic casing first leaving a gap and threading the elastic in before closing the gap. Then you would repeat this process with another elastic casing. I think, however, that this is difficult to do since sewing the second casing is unnecessarily tricky after the first elastic has already been inserted. What I would do the next time is that I’d leave gaps to the side seam of the bodice facing and sew the elastic casings around the whole bodice before inserting both of the elastics at once. Hand-sewing the little gaps closed is easier than trying to sew the second casing with the higher elastic pulling the fabric out of place.

There was some fabric left over and I made a hair donut for S to keep her long hair out of the way.


The romper is meant to be oversize but this is perhaps even more so, since I have a slight feeling that I mistakenly cut the size 7 when I was meant to use size 6. At least there is plenty of room for S to grow! Anyway, the elastics at the ankles allow adjustment to the length of the legs. For a shorter leg it is enough to lift the elastic over the calf muscle or even above knees like S demonstrates between her trampoline acrobatics.


Today is a bit cooler day, but I think that this romper would be really good on hot summer days due to it’s looseness. S doesn’t mind the cool since she gets warm enough when jumping on our new trampoline.


S likes the romper very much and I love it. I usually think that the trousers are a bit boring and the rompers often just weird but somehow this pattern makes the romper look super cute and romantic without compromising the comfort.

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