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Reading Nuppuzine

Jenni from the Nuppu print company knows that I like to write in English, so she gave me the English version of their new book, Nuppuzine (Nuppunen in Finnish) to read and review. It is partly an inspirational book about the dreams of people that are related to Nuppu and partly a pattern book.

The first browse-through shows the beautiful, dreamy colour-scheme and beautiful photography. Back-lighted shots make the models look angelic and almost unreal. All the models are ordinary women of different ages which is nice for a pattern book. I met some of them as I attended the book launch party.

Jenni and Satu, the owners of the Nuppu print company with Nuppuzine.
Jenni and Satu, the owners of the Nuppu print company.
Most of the models in Nuppuzine were present for the group photo wearing their dresses.
Most of the models in Nuppuzine were present for the group photo wearing their dresses.

The first half of the book consists of stories of these women. They talk about their past, dreams and inspiration. The women have different professions ranging from a dancer to an entrepreneur and a teacher to name but a few. I was mainly interested in sewing patterns. However, then I started reading and found the stories quite interesting and inspirational. For someone like me, who is at a turning point of life, these stories are wonderful examples of people that have found their passion and have shaped their work around it.

Jenni's spread.

The second half of Nuppuzine has 13 sewing patterns. There are 9 dresses for women and 2 patterns for children. In addition to these, there are leggings and headband patterns for both children and adults. The women’s sizes are between European 34 to 48 corresponding to bust measurements from 80 to 110 cm.

Some children's patterns are included, too.

The book includes two two-sided pattern sheets. The patterns are on top of each other so they need to be traced in order to use them. The seam-allowance is not included, as is the custom here in Finland, so it must be added before cutting the fabric.

Most of the patterns are for either jersey or french terry, which is a type of sweatshirting. There is only one dress for woven cottons which is a pity since I love to make garments out of wovens. However, I know that most Nuppu fans like the comfort and the easy-fitting that knits provide.

Kultarinta spread in Nuppuzine.

My favourite pattern is the Kultarinta dress above, although I like the A-line version more than the tulip version in the main picture.

At the launch party, I got to on the dresses. This was also a good way to test the sizing. Here is an unflattering picture of me (those dark tights and my disappeared ponytail, aargh!) wearing the Kultarinta dress in size 36 which is a size that corresponds to my bust measurement:

Me wearing the sample Kultarinta dress from Nuppuzine.

I also tried the same dress in size 34 and 38. Both of them still worked for me. The size 34 was tighter but didn’t really look too small, 38 was looser but still looked and felt ok. If you have a chance to visit Salapakka on Katariinankatu in Helsinki, the dresses are there for the time being (until the autumn at least) for anyone to try on.

You can buy Nuppuzine or the Finnish version Nuppunen at Nuppu print company or at Salapakka.

An afterthought… I think that my dreams are still held back by the fear of failure. I know I have talents but I still haven’t figured out how to put them into use. Originally, I studied to be a physicist but then found out that the engineering world is too competitive and harsh for my creative self that is always self-critiquing her work. Now I only want to work with my hands and create beautiful things. Through sewing, I have met so many lovely and generous people that I am completely amazed by it. Perhaps one of them may help me to meet my dream – to create a career in sewing and crafts.


I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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