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More bra-making

I made a little bra-making demonstration at the Ompelino Christmas party on Saturday and this bra was the result of it. I used the MakeBra DL04 that I got last year (for free) and decided to play with lace and blue lycra fabric. Like so many times before the choice of materials directed the design and therefore this bra is unlike any other I have made.

Bra-making: Pretty lace at the top of the bra cup.

The cup is cut-and-sew foam. The cover is blue lycra and the top of the cup has another layer of patterned stretch lace. I sewed the cup seam normally but then fastened only the lycra layer to the cup with a tight zigzag. I then hand-sewed the top edge of the lace to the top of the cup.

The side view of the bra.

I also added some lace to the wings of the bra. As the lace is very stretchy this can be done.

Bra-making is full of unexpected design solutions. Here, the sliders are at the front.

I used quite a sturdy FOE to finish the sides of the cups and then attached the straps to the foe using a metallic ring. This meant that the slider came to the front side but with these rose-gold rings and sliders it looks great.

The back of the bra.

Quite late during the bra-making, I realised that I didn’t have much blue shoulder strap elastic. To save as much as I could, I used FOE to finish the upper edge next to the hook-and-eye closure. I had salvaged the blue plastic hooks from an old bra and now used them to attach the shoulder straps to the back of the bra.

Another back view of the bra.
The result of my bra-making project.

The bra is a bit too small for this lady in the image above but luckily it fits me. I was a bit worried about the strap length but I’m glad that I included the sliders. From experience, I know that the straps do stretch in use and I will need those sliders later.

If you are interested reading more about this DL04 pattern, check out my lacy bra here and my polka dot bra here.

I hope this project inspires you to try out bra-making yourself! Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!


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