Travel high chair for a baby.
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A travel highchair for a baby

My sweet little nephew came to visit and we had super fun playing with him. It’s been such a long time since my kids were that small, so we did not have a high chair for him. I borrowed a travel high chair (Sack n seat) from our neighbours so that he’d be able to sit on a regular chair. However, I knew that my brother and his family didn’t own one. After looking at the borrowed travel high chair, I realised I had all the necessary supplies in store to make my nephew one, so I did.

The front of the finished travel high chair.

For the fabric, I used yellow Kona cotton that my friend Jenna had given me when she destashed. I thought that yellow would be the most practical colour since it wouldn’t show that many stains that were sure to occur! I also had some soft interfacing from my shoe projects and old straps and buckles that I had saved from an old rucksack or something like that. While my nephew was napping, I started sewing.

The back view of the finished travel high chair.

I interfaced one of the fabric pieces to make it nicer to sit on a harder chair. Then it was just sewing the pieces together and leaving the fold-over piece between the two big layers. I was attaching the straps when my nephew woke up and was just ready for some snacks. It was a perfect time to test the high chair.

The high chair goes over a regular chair like this:

The view from above.

One pair of straps attach the high chair securely to the regular chair and the other keeps the baby in place. It isn’t, of course, as secure as a normal high chair. You’ll have to watch your baby but, to be honest, you’ll have to do it anyway. Update: The strap fastening the high chair to the chair should go under the chair to keep the seat firmly in place. Also, the waist strap should probably go through some loops near the logo-patch. Because We were borrowing the travel high chair, we didn’t figure out all the details during the time we had it. My 1-year-old nephew at least sat nicely in place and ate his whole meal like that.

Fastening the travel high chair.

Isn’t he a cutie! The travel high chair worked well, except that I noticed that the strap that went around the baby was too long. After my nephew was done with his snack, I shortened the strap a bit so that it could be buckled comfortably behind the chair.

Testing the travel high chair with my nephew.

This travel high chair can be folded up and then stored into this little pouch I also made:

A storage pouch.

I hope that this little travel high chair will help my brother and his family to travel with more ease!

This is all for today! I hope you liked this post and Happy Midsummer!


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