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Make your own Sandra skirt – a free sewing tutorial

I must admit that I love all kinds of circle skirts. Unlike pencil skirts they allow much more movement and are so much more comfortable. One day I saw this skirt on Pinterest and thought I could easily draft something similar. I made my first attempt and it got a lot of compliments. When I got this red tartan fabric I decided to improve the design and write a sewing tutorial for everyone to enjoy.

Sandra skirt sewing tutorial. Skirt side view.

What is a Sandra skirt?

Sandra skirt is based on 1/2 circle skirt and 3/4 circle skirt patterns. The skirts are layered and the overskirt is shortened from the right side to make a nice flounce effect. A narrow piping connects the waistband and the skirt. The skirt is fully lined and it closes with and invisible zipper and a button.

I recommend fabrics that have a bit weight to them but that still have a nice drape. My tartan fabric is viscose-polyester blend, but wools, heavier crepes and tweeds would also work nicely. You will also need some lining fabric, a zipper, a button and optional piping.

Sandra skirt sewing tutorial: Skirt from the back.

You will need a bit of sewing experience before you manage to make this skirt. However, if you have made a lined skirt before, you should be fine.

Click on the image below to download the tutorial in pdf format:

Sandra skirt sewing tutorial pdf cover page.

Since I finished this skirt I have been wearing it every single day. I like it how I can wear it as well with t-shirts as with a sweater or a button down blouse. Wear a pair of boots in the colder days and you are both warm and stylish!

I thank Annie- oh from forums to volunteering to read through the tutorial and correcting some of my language mistakes. The remaining mistakes are my own!

I hope that you enjoy this sewing tutorial and thank you for visiting my blog. Welcome back soon! Happy sewing!

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