Sew Over It Penny dress

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Random triangle quilt

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Arrrr… pirate birthday

I have never before arranged a themed birthday party in my life. However, my pirate-loving son is turning eight soon and we decided to organize a pirate-themed costume party.I decided to be ambitious and sew a pirate captain costume for my son. I made a pirate coat…


Waiting for the lilies

We found some lily-of-the-valleys right next to our house. They will be blooming very soon and there is plenty to be picked and brought in to bring some of their lovely scent indoors.S wears my first version of the Olabelhe Miranda with which I got caught…


Graduation day with sunshine

A relative of ours graduated on Saturday and we went to congratulate her for getting her degree. S had one of her new Miranda dresses on with a white bolero, since the morning at home was slightly chilly. In the picture S has just spotted a squirrel at our front…


Learning from my mistakes…

A little while ago I found this gorgeous fabric and wanted to make a dress for S of it using Olabelhe Miranda pattern. However, due to a confusion with the pattern and my mistake of not considering the width of the skirt when determining the length, I made the skirt…

Kid's crafts

Craftiness inherited

I love the fact that my kids are now of the age that they are starting to learn how to sew and craft by themselves. I try to offer them proper tools to practice with and my kids often surprise me with their skills.K made this hand puppet a…


Iron Man

My son loves superheroes and wanted to have a hoodie that can be completely closed up. We spend some time thinking about different options and finally I suggested an Iron Man hoodie. I already had a full zip hoodie pattern from Ottobre Design 4/2011 so we only had to…


Dress does not mean you should stop exploring…

 … a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone. If you ask S, the dresses are nicer to wear, since they are not as tight as regular trousers/pants. Unless we are on our way to a special occasion, I never forbid my kids from playing in the fear of…


A relaxed shirt for my little lad

 My soon-to-be 8-years-old son, K, is used to waiting to get something for himself, as his clothes tend to be more challenging for me to sew. However, my dear husband has been requesting a home-made shirt for himself and since I did not dare…


Once upon a time there lived a winter princess…

… who traveled to the Land of Spring where she found a forest with tiny white flowers. “They are like snow”, she exclaimed.She wove the flowers into her braid and the flowers were like tiny little snowflakes!She could feel the warmth of the sun that was shining through the…


Bloomers of May

 Here is a better picture of the bloomers that were only peeking under the dress in the previous post. Sorry about the wrinkles… the bloomers and the dress were tested today at the spring celebration in the S’s daycare center! Over the blouse S wears a pinafore inspired…


Lady of the spring

 I bought two lovely patterns from Olabelhe and have since sewed several lovely dresses for S. This is what i made today. I also made a pair of lovely bloomers to go with the dress. The pattern for the bloomers was a modified pattern 25. from Ottobre Design 3…



Hello all,A long long time ago, I used to have a blog which I used to keep track of all the things I sewed, knitted or otherwise made. However, I stopped and have since missed the opportunity to show people the things I do, when my hands start twitching…