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    Bootstrapfashion 4261 ruffle blouse

    This Bootstrapfashion 4261 ruffle blouse is again part of my Sensible Sewing Challenge. It closely resembles the Lekala dress I made last year, except being a bit more fitted and having a key-hole neckline instead of a pleated one. (The Bootstrapfashion and Lekala are both official resellers of Leko patterns, so that’s the reason behind similarities.) If you are not yet familiar with Bootstrapfashion patterns, they are sewing patterns that are customized to your measurements. You’ll submit your measurements and your pattern arrives as a pdf in a few minutes. My experience with these patterns has been a bit hit and miss. The more basic pattern the greater the chances of getting…

  • Vado designs Made-To-Measure Slim Fit Men's Shirt made for my husband, front view.
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    A man’s shirt

    For quite some time I have been thinking of making perfectly fitted shirts for my husband. Now that I have had plenty of experience in making shirts and blouses for myself it wasn’t a big leap to try a men’s pattern. I chose to use Vado designs Made-To-Measure Slim Fit Men’s Shirt pattern from Bootstrapfashion.com. The great thing with this pattern is that you can not only input the normal measurements for the chest, waist and neck circumference among others but also the shoulder slope and the posture. This was the reason for me to choose this pattern since in many of the men’s shirt patterns available the shoulder slope…