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    Warmer weather clothes

    The warm weather has been waited for a long time here in Finland. Being optimistic, I made a pair of shorts for S already several weeks ago. (Edit: Pattern Burda 5/2012) When we took the pictures, it was +13 degrees Celsius. S did not seem to mind, especially when she spotted chives growing in our flowerbed. Afterwards she has been adding chives to several different foods in (cough!) generous amounts! I have also been sewing for myself lately. However, taking pics alone is a bit tricky. Hopefully I will get around asking help from my husband to take the photos so that I will be able to post those, too.

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    Twirly polkadots

    I bought some lightweight polyester polkadot fabric already year or two ago and found it really hard to find any pattern for it. I had almost forgotten the fabric in my cupboard, but when I saw this pillowcase dress on Burda (07/2014) I knew I already had fabric for it. I did not want to make lining for the dress – read: did not have any suitable lining fabric in my stash, so instead of lining the dress, I finished the armholes with some white satin bias tape. Since the polkadot fabric is not see-through in any way, the lining was not really needed. A white satin ribbon finished the…

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    Hippie flowers and ninja moves

    The warm weather has disappeared completely so tunic and long pants are a necessity and gave me an opportunity to try combining two gorgeous patterns. I made the tunic using Sophie tunic pattern by Sis Boom. I used the fabric with the smaller pattern as a basic fabric and added the other fabric to the cuffs and collar. There was a lot of left-over fabric, so I decided to make a pair of pants using “Peruspöksyt” pattern from a book “Juju – Erilainen lastenvaatekirja” by  Mari Savio & Kati Rapia. The 110 cm pattern ended up being way too big, so I added side seams and took away 2 inches from…

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    Sweet dreams in sweet nightgown

    I think that there is something special in the old-fashioned long nightgowns. After seeing a picture of Olabelhe’s Hannah I knew that S must have it. Crisp white cotton with subtle pattern was perfect for the nightgown. Sleeveless gown suits well for the warm summer nights. The end result reminds me of little Clara’s nightgown in the Nutcracker ballet.

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    Sunny skirts

    Sunny weather requires twirly skirts! I made this sunny yellow skirt for S to wear with the polkadot pinafore. I did not use any pattern, just folded two layers of cotton on a waistband and added an elastic band to fit S. The next skirt I made to use up left-over fabric from other projects. I used pattern from Ottobre 1/2013 called “No U Turn” as a basis. The smallest size of 122 cm was of course quite big but a tighter elastic band fixed it. I also added some lace to add some extra girliness. The hat in the picture, however, was a bit sad story. I really love…

  • Burda 2452 pirate costume.
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    Arrrr… pirate birthday

    I have never before arranged a themed birthday party in my life. However, my pirate-loving son is turning eight soon and we decided to organize a pirate-themed costume party. I decided to be ambitious and sew a pirate captain costume for my son. I made a pirate coat and turn-up cuffs using some cheap faux-leather. I combined them with a sash made of unbleached sheet cotton and some old leather belts I found in a flea market. I made a Jack Sparrow type of scarf using red sheet cotton and some beads and some coins a got from a cheap H&M coin-necklace. Hat was originally an old felt hat that…

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    Waiting for the lilies

    We found some lily-of-the-valleys right next to our house. They will be blooming very soon and there is plenty to be picked and brought in to bring some of their lovely scent indoors. S wears my first version of the Olabelhe Miranda with which I got caught in mistake in the pattern and cut a skirt that was too narrow. However, S always needs play dresses, so I finished the dress by gathering the narrower skirt and adding a little bit of a ruffle to the hem plus two bows at the sides. I am not particularly happy with the dress. I think it would look nicer made either a bit…

  • Olabelhe Miranda dress.
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    Graduation day with sunshine

    A relative of ours graduated on Saturday and we went to congratulate her for getting her degree. S had one of her new Miranda dresses on with a white bolero, since the morning at home was slightly chilly. In the picture S has just spotted a squirrel at our front yard. When we arrived at the place of celebration some 250 km North the sun was shining and it was very warm. We left out the bolero and put a white pinafore with the dress. I had made the pinafore using the bodice from the Miranda dress as a starting pattern and added the apron parts and some little ties…

  • Olabelhe Miranda dress sewn by me, back view.
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    Learning from my mistakes…

    A little while ago I found this gorgeous fabric and wanted to make a dress for S of it using Olabelhe Miranda pattern. However, due to a confusion with the pattern and my mistake of not considering the width of the skirt when determining the length, I made the skirt a way too short. It looks pretty with some leggings, but without them it is way too short. I was a bit sad, since I thought I did not have any more of the pink fabric so I abandoned the dress. However, after a week or so, I was cleaning up and found a narrow strip of the pink. I…