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Arrrr… pirate birthday

I have never before arranged a themed birthday party in my life. However, my pirate-loving son is turning eight soon and we decided to organize a pirate-themed costume party.


I decided to be ambitious and sew a pirate captain costume for my son. I made a pirate coat and turn-up cuffs using some cheap faux-leather. I combined them with a sash made of unbleached sheet cotton and some old leather belts I found in a flea market.


I made a Jack Sparrow type of scarf using red sheet cotton and some beads and some coins a got from a cheap H&M coin-necklace. Hat was originally an old felt hat that had once belonged to my late mother-in-law. I sewed the front and the back of the brim up and taped a pirate sign on it using double-sided tape. (I used the tape to have an option of removing the modifications to use the materials in another costume in the future.)


S was also attending and wanted to be a pirate princess. This took some thinking but I finally came up with something we both liked.


S’s dress was made using the pattern from a Little Red Riding Hood dress in Swedish magazine Allt om Handarbete – Sömnadsmagasin 1/2014. However, I simplified the pattern by making a rectangular skirt which I prefer because I think it not only is simpler but also looks best. Also, my Swedish is a bit rusty, so I did not really bother to translate all the detailed instructions. I added a sash and a scarf and made a small pouch out of faux-leather.


You don’t want to mess with this pirate-princess!


And finally a cake that fit’s to the theme! We had so much fun making this with K! Everything is made of sugar paste except the plastic ship.

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