Olabelhe Miranda dress sewn by me, back view.
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Learning from my mistakes…

A little while ago I found this gorgeous fabric and wanted to make a dress for S of it using Olabelhe Miranda pattern. However, due to a confusion with the pattern and my mistake of not considering the width of the skirt when determining the length, I made the skirt a way too short. It looks pretty with some leggings, but without them it is way too short.

Too short dress

I was a bit sad, since I thought I did not have any more of the pink fabric so I abandoned the dress. However, after a week or so, I was cleaning up and found a narrow strip of the pink. I decided to fix the dress and lengthen the hem by adding another pink and pattern stripe. After ripping the original hem and doing a little bit of extra work with my serger and my sewing machine the dress was transformed:


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