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Named Earth Science sewing pattern collection

Today I headed for the launch of the new Fall/Winter collection of the Named clothing sewing pattern company. The collection is titled Earth Science and designed by the two sisters Saara and Laura Huhta who gave me a warm welcome to their small studio shop.

Image: Saara and Laura of Named clothing.

These ladies were super friendly and let me try on the sample clothes from both the newest collection and the older collections.

My favourite piece was this Stella raglan shirt with snap fastening and an unusual geometric collar. The green colour is just fantastic! Furthermore, the pattern is actually a 2 in 1 sewing pattern with a Pussy bow collar dress included. This means that there are quite a many possibilities for different combinations of these patterns.

Even though I am in no need of a new coat, I also liked the look of the Gaia quilted coat. The image fools you, since the coat is made mostly of neoprene fabric (excluding the quilted portions)!

Image: Gaia coat
@Named clothing

I was lucky enough to be close enough to the size of the red headed model, so that I fit into the clothes. I also slipped into Tyyni cigarette trousers from the previous collection. (By the way, I really have to get the Tyyni pattern. They have the best fit for me I have seen this far!)

Image: Me wearing the Stella raglan shirt and the Gaia coat.

As I was there, I tried on the Helmi trench blouse…

Image: Helmi trench blouse sewing pattern sample by Named clothing.

and the Isla trench coat:

Image: Isla trench coat sewing pattern sample by Named clothing.

I really loved the opportunity to test how the actual garments look on me. Even if I have become more used to estimating which kind of patterns look good on me, it is still great to try the garment on before buying the pattern.

Finally, I ended up buying the Stella pattern and got a free Quinn shirt pattern for free as a gift. Thank you so much Laura and Saara!

Image: Named sewing pattern envelopes.

I think I have just the fabric for one of the shirts. I got this Art Gallery cotton from Nova Melina + Vanja Sea Pop Up, yesterday:

Image: Art Gallery cotton.

My trench coat is coming along very well. I have just found it very hard to take a break from all the sewing to actually post any updates! The next time, I promise, I will post some progress pictures! Happy sewing!

Disclaimer: The pictures from the Named company are used with permission. I am not affiliated with the company in any way and do not receive any monetary compensation for this post.

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