Fabric art at Ommel 2018.
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Ommel 2018: The second day

During my second day at Ommel 2018 I met more amazing people that all were as crazy about sewing as I am. I almost overslept but still managed to get to the bloggers’ meeting at 10:00. I had met Jenna from the Sewing Expat, Hanne from Eilen tein and Auri from Ystäväni neula ja lanka yesterday. Today, I met Anni from Sormustin, Piia from Ideoin, Veera from Mehukekkerit, Anna from Ompele Oma Onnesi, Hanna from Punatukka ja kaksi karhua and Tiina from Tehtaamo.

Skill and creativity at the LAN sewing area

For many people at Ommel, sewing is a way to emphasize their personal style and create personalized gifts. This lovely lady was making a t-shirt for her daughter (I think). It says “Black is the new black” in big bold letters.

Black is the new black.

Just sewing wasn’t enough to challenge to the lady sitting at the next table. She was using a dictionary and kanji table to decipher Japanese sewing pattern she was making!

Japanese sewing pattern.

I also met Johanna, who had just made this amazing bag out of cork fabric with some floral cotton from Nuppu print company. She told me to mention that it was still unironed and missing a few studs, but I still think it was amazing! (You can find Johanna at Instagram: @johannainen and see the finished bag soon!)

Cork fabric bag

The more I see these makes the more I want to learn myself!

Courses at Ommel 2018

Bias binding course

The picture above is from the course where people were busy learning how to make beautiful bindings for jerseys not only with a sewing machine but also by using a cover stitch machine.

Make Bra -course.

I also peeked into the Make Bra course and was shown how to fit a bra pattern for myself by Annele. I left with Annele’s instructions, some supplies and a bra pattern that I am soon going to make (Thanks, Annele!). The bra makers were happy to show me what they were making. This lady was sewing just gorgeous bra using this beautiful floral jersey.

And just look at this Star Wars bra! I love how it shows the personality of its maker! Something like this cannot be found on high street.

I loved the enthusiasm and confidence of the women that were showing their makes and I am pretty sure these were not the last bras they’ll be making!

What did I get?

My haul

Yes, I already did some shopping yesterday but didn’t get anything for my kids. So today I went shopping for my children. My daughter had already requested bubble fabric by Ommelkupla and Rainbow Unicorns by Shalmiak. I couldn’t resist also buying Poniletti-fabric by Hellin. My son got Robo and sata salamaa -fabric (Robo and one hundred lightnings) from Viljamin puoti.

If you have still chance to go to Ommel 2018, the festival continues on Sunday! Unfortunately, I am not able to come for the third day but I warmly recommend coming and spending the whole day in all the activities provided (mostly for free!). I know I have now spent two days at Ommel without being bored and I wasn’t even able to try out all the things I was planning to try since there were so many options available.

For all of you, thank you for reading and do come back soon! In the meantime, happy sewing!





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