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January is the time to make plans and the sewing plans are no exception. I am generally very careful what comes to sewing challenges. I tend to take things a little too seriously and forget to just have fun. However, nowadays I sew so much that a year-long sewing challenge, such as the popular #makenine should be no problem for me! And well, if I don’t get to make all of them, so be it!

I think that these 9 patterns will patch some holes in my wardrobe and challenge myself to learn a few new things.

1. Saraste top by Named clothing

Named Saraste top. ©named clothing with permission.

I basically love all the three Saraste versions in the new Breaking the pattern book, although I would ditch the shoulder vents in the shirt since I’d freeze in a shirt like that. I have already started making the dress, so I didn’t want to include that in my challenge. Instead, I want to make this top for the summer. The ruffles are just adorable!

2. A pair of bikinis

Bikini-woman, stock photo.

Now that I know how to make a bra, I should be able to make a pair of bikinis that not only feel amazing but look great, too. Just hoping that the summer will be warm enough for me to wear them…

3. A pair of shoes or slippers

Ballet flats pattern by Living DIY style. ©livingDIYstyle

Living DIY style offers a pattern and a tutorial on how to make your own ballet flats. I have always wanted to learn how to make footwear and I think this would be a perfect pattern to start with. RTW ballet flats never fit my feet well, so if I could make my own, I’d be twice as happy.

4. Brushed cotton pyjamas

Image: Carolyn pajamas by Closet Case patterns.

I have already made two pyjamas (my first version is above) with Closet case Carolyn pattern but I still need more. This time I want to make a proper winter pyjama out of brushed cotton. I already found a perfect fabric so I only need to start cutting and sewing it!

5. Alpi trousers by Named clothing

Alpi trousers by Named clothing. ©named clothing with permission.

My first pair of Alpi trousers is a bit loose (mostly because of my own modifications) and I want to make a narrow version that more closely resembles the picture above as I liked the pattern a lot. (Unfortunately, it is out of print.) I am still not very comfortable in trouser making and feel that there is something missing in the pairs that I have sewed this far. This pattern has the best instructions on how to sew a trouser fly that I have ever seen and with those I may finally get the whole process so that I can stop dreading that step in every trouser sewing project that has a fly.

6. A strapless bra

Here is a confession: I already tried to make a strapless bra and failed miserably! The problem wasn’t really the strapless-ness but the combination of my pattern (that I needed to adjust) and the materials I chose did not work. The bra cups ended up having really weird shape and there were ugly wrinkles and fabric pulling… you name it. I threw the whole thing into the bin. Now that I have even more experience I have a better understanding what went wrong and I am going to try again. Wish me luck!

7. Sew Over It Camille trousers

Camille trousers pattern by Sew Over It. ©sewoverit with permission.

Camille trousers are actually the lower part of a jumpsuit pattern in the Capsule wardrobe – Work to Weekend ebook. I love the jumpsuit but I think I will find more use for a pair of trousers. Besides, it makes sense fitting the trousers first without trying to get the whole jumpsuit fitted at one go.

8. Nicola dress by Sewaholic patterns

Sewaholic Nicola dress ©sewaholic with permission.

The Nicola dress by Sewaholic dress is another project that I need to revisit. I made this dress some years ago out of green wool and although it fit, it was never a dress I wanted to show anyone. The sewing quality was dreadful and I had got this strange idea of glueing rhinestones around the neckline. What was I thinking! I have had the fabric for ages for my next Nicola but somehow I haven’t gotten around it, yet.

9. Orageuse Prague

Orageuse blouse pattern. ©orageuse.

I made Prague blouse by Orageuse last year and it fit very nicely. The fabric was just cheap polyester and since then I have wanted to make a silk version. I think I will also leave the v-neck opening and make the version that is in the picture above. I have just perfect blue silk satin in my storage that I can use for this!

Besides these 9 patterns, I have plenty of my own designs that I want to make and then there is that red coat that is still under construction. The Christmas forced me to abandon the coat project for a while but now I have started again. In fact, I finally managed to get the sleeves fit right and started sewing them together. As the sleeves were the most difficult part of the whole coat project, I think that the rest of the project will go much faster.

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