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  • Make nine 2019 challenge.

    My #makenine2019

    January is the time to make plans and the sewing plans are no exception. I am generally very careful what comes to sewing challenges. I tend to take things a little too seriously and forget to just have fun. However, nowadays I sew so much that a year-long sewing challenge, such as the popular #makenine should be no problem for me! And well, if I don’t get to make all of them, so be it! I think that these 9 patterns will patch some holes in my wardrobe and challenge myself to learn a few new things. 1. Saraste top by Named clothing I basically love all the three Saraste…

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    Craftiness inherited

    I love the fact that my kids are now of the age that they are starting to learn how to sew and craft by themselves. I try to offer them proper tools to practice with and my kids often surprise me with their skills. K made this hand puppet a year ago in preschool. This year at the afternoon club at his school, he has learned how to make rubber band bracelets. He also made a tunic for the puppet in a bout of creativity. One day I was fixing my wooden flower boxes that were destroyed by some heavy wind. K saw the tools and left-over pieces of wood and…

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    Hello all, A long long time ago, I used to have a blog which I used to keep track of all the things I sewed, knitted or otherwise made. However, I stopped and have since missed the opportunity to show people the things I do, when my hands start twitching to create something. So this is a new beginning. Enjoy!