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Smoky tee for my hubby

My dear husband rarely gets anything homemade and, although he doesn’t complain, I decided to make him something. I bought this smoky cotton jersey from the Mereen booth at Ommel to make him a nice tee-shirt. The print is called Usva that means “mist” but I think that the print in black and white looks more like tendrils of smoke or perhaps marble.

I used the same teeshirt pattern as I have used for him several times. It comes from the book Sy! Urban Collection by Jenny Hellström. The pattern fits pretty well, but I should have checked the shoulders before sewing the sleeves on. The next time I will definitely increase the shoulder slope to get rid of those underarm wrinkles.

I love that print though. It is hard to find interesting printed jerseys for adult men but this smoky print looks really stylish.

My husband seems to like his shirt despite the fit issues and he wears it a lot. I think I have to make him a few more tees and practise my pattern fitting while I’m at it.

Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!


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