My best projects in 2019.

2019 in review, part 2: My best projects

I think that the year 2019 saw me making the most complicated projects so far. Now that I look back, I can see so many successful projects that it was hard to choose the ones for this post. I think that this year I finally broke free from the idea of needing a pattern for a project of my dreams and just went for it with or without a pattern. I made so many garments that I had dreamt about but that I had never dared to try before. Click on the images to read more about each project.

V8346 wool coat.
This wool coat was a long project that improved my tailoring skills.
Pink Hannah's nightgown by Olabelhe.
This delicate pink nightgown has been worn a lot by my daughter and I love the look of it.
Gray tee-shirt bra.
This bra is not only beautiful but also very comfortable. One of my goto bras.
This skirt was simple to make but taught me the use of the couture waistband. It is one of my favourite skirts.
I made the vinyl prints by myself and I think these tops look very fun and sporty.
Red ballet flats
I never thought I could actually make wearable shoes. I will be sure to make more shoes in the future!
I have wanted a dress like this for ages. I was so happy that I could draft a pattern for it by myself. My blog post includes a free pattern for this dress!
This is my legform aka Holly the Halfling. It has transformed my trouser making and was an educating project by itself.
I love the fabric I found for this dress. I had wanted to revisit this pattern and to make it fit but I ended up hacking the thing for something unique.
This waistcoat was my first endeavour into old-timey pattern cutting. I spend weeks carefully hand-stitching and tailoring it and I learnt a lot.
Ironing board hack
This Ikea-hack saw the biggest rush to my blog this far! Apparently I am not only one in need for a handy little ironing station for my tiny sewing space. After making this, I have only taken out my big ironing board a couple of times.
I think I gave up practicality and started sewing what my heart desired. As a result, there were many historical projects that I am proud of. Still, I have worn these, too!
The finished walking skirt.
This Walking skirt is lovely and warm. I have worn it a lot, even to work. Basically, it feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket all day!
As a deviation from my historical projects, I made something super modern for my son. After taking and e-textile course at Ommel 2019, I made my son a hoodie that lights up with LED lights. My son has been wearing it a lot and yes, it has gone through the wash with no trouble!
Folkwear Gibson Girl shirtwaist blouse.
This Folkwear Gibson Girl blouse had the most lace insertion I have ever made! Making these delicate details was so rewarding!
I made my unique dressform out of polyurethane. I will have so much use for it in the future. Already, it has been a great help in fitting.
This outfit had a bit more details than what I usually add to children’s clothes. However, I think I should move to that direction as I am super happy with the look of this jacket.
I couldn’t leave this cute fox dress out! It has got a lot of nice comments out of people when S has been wearing it.

What were your best projects for the year 2019? What do you plan to make in 2020? Comment below!

Thank you for reading and happy sewing!


I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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  • PatB

    Congratulations, what a creative diverse year. I am in awe at your productivity (while raising a family and Work) the results are beautiful. My year was mainly practical sewing, alterations for my family and myself. Thank you for the inspiration to try new projects.

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