Make nine 2019 challenge.

2019 in review, part 1: Plans and reality

A lot of what I ended up sewing would have surprised me if I had known about it at the beginning of 2019. Of my Make 9 challenge, I ended up making 4. However, I have only posted 2 of them. A bikini and a pair of shoes. I am still planning to post the Nicola dress I finished just yesterday and I may also show the pair of trousers than were perhaps less successful a project.

What I made in 2019

I made my first bikini! Or actually two as I made my daughter a set, too. It wasn’t difficult and I will be probably making more when the need arises.

My shoemaking projects grew from the first tentative pairs into making real shoes.

I will continue my shoemaking next spring. Unfortunately, due to the harmful vapours from the glue and the lack of space, my shoemaking endeavours are restricted for the warm months.

What I didn’t make

The Named summer top was left out since the summer was too cold for it. The pyjama project was left for the future, as I had so many other projects that interested me more than revisiting this pattern.

I spent a lot of time making trouser toiles and even made a legform. Finally, I think that, for my body shape, the best way is to draft my own pattern for trousers rather than buy one.

I am still planning to make a strapless bra someday. I have thought about this and I think that no ready pattern will work for me. Therefore, I need to hack one of the basic bra patterns I use regularly.

The Orageuse top is still something I want to make. However, as I have made many similar types of tops using historical pattern drafting systems, this pattern has been left hanging.

What I didn’t plan

I surely didn’t know that I would make so many historical projects. Many of those projects lead to other projects as I wanted to construct a whole outfit. Never in my life have I spend so much time sewing by hand but I love it! Working slowly constructing intricate details is very rewarding. Yes, I can work very fast if needed but sewing is much more enjoyable when I can just concentrate on every stitch I make by hand.

Now I have started to make plans for the year 2020. My new Sewists’ planner helps in it and you can get your own here.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next part coming soon! Happy sewing!


I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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