A dress and a matching mask.
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A dress and a matching mask

I bought this fabric with forest animals a long time ago but didn’t find a project for it. Then, I decided to make a dress for my friend’s 9-year-old daughter, V and showed her some fabrics that I had in my storage. She fell in love with the fabric and there was plenty of it to make not only a dress but a matching mask. The pattern we selected was the Maibrit dress from the Finnish book Mekkotehdas koulutyttöjen tyyliin by Kirsi Etula and Sunna Valkeapää-Ikola.

The pattern is a very classic girl’s dress with 3/4 sleeves and a zipper at the centre back. V wished the skirt to be a bit shorter, so I shortened it slightly from the original length. I also narrowed down the bodice to fit a bit better to V’s slender form.

The cotton poplin was a good choice for the dress since it gives volume to the skirt. There is no need to add a petticoat and the dress is perfect for some twirling:

I also made a matching fabric mask for V. I fitted the pattern for my daughter S and the same pattern fitted V very well. The mask has two cotton layers and a nosewire made out of stainless steel.

V came to visit me the next weekend with her mother and little sister and we decided to have a proper modelling session – just for the fun of it! I curled V’s hair and then we went to the forest for the photoshoot. I love photographing children and V was a great model. I think that there is a bit Alice in the wonderland kind of feel in the pictures.

Of course, we didn’t leave the 4-year-old little sister out! She loved posing and twirling in front of the camera!

P.S. I respect the parents’ wishes and don’t show the girls faces.

I have been sewing fabric masks in hundreds and was so happy to sew something else. I think I have reached the point that I’ll just have to make other things or go mad! Thus, I have made a blouse and am in the process of making another one. So stay tuned!

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