Rosie and me: Elise blouse with cap-sleeves.
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Navy Elise blouse

I figured out that the Elise blouse pattern by Rosie and me deserved a second chance. In the first blouse, the neckline was too revealing, so this time I needed to change that. Fortunately, lovely Esther at Rosie and me made a tutorial on how to do just that! By the way, I checked and I haven’t stretched the neckline in the first blouse, it just wasn’t working for me!

Rosie and me: Elise blouse made in Navy blue poplin.

I lifted the neckline for 5 cm and now the blouse has the neckline I wanted. In fact, it looks much more like the one in the Rosie and me webpage. Funny how different peoples proportions are!

Elise blouse by Rosie and me from the back.

Anyway, since the snows have melted away a long time ago and it’s already past the Midsummer, I made the cap-sleeved Elise blouse version with piping. I used navy blue cotton poplin with little birds on it. I like the bird print a lot. This kind of colour combination is usually combined with sea-themed prints such as anchors or sailing boats. For some reason, I don’t like those. I feel sort of like pretending that I’m a sailor!

If you are planning to make this cap-sleeved blouse I recommend reading the sewing instructions carefully! I did not at first and that resulted in me ripping out some really nicely piped seams! Well, that taught me to pay attention to the sewing order!

Thank you for reading!Originally, I was a bit in two minds about this blouse. Does it look good on me and are the cap-sleeves poking out in an unflattering way? However, now that I look at the pictures, the blouse actually looks pretty nice! I really must give it another chance and I think I may end up liking it a lot!

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!






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