My woven camera strap.
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I wove myself a camera strap with a double-slotted heddle

I bought myself a double-slotted rigid heddle quite a while ago but never got beyond a few trials. Now I decided to make myself a new camera strap with it. I love it when I can take some traditional techniques and make something that suits our modern lifestyle.

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Here is my video:

The pattern is from the book Ompelu- ja nauhakoristeita (“Decorative embroideries and bands”) by Theodor Schvindt (1851-1917) who was a Finnish ethnographer, archeologist, and a member of parliament. The book was originally published in 1895 in two parts. Luckily it has been re-printed after some editing in 1892 as it is a valuable resource.

Theodor Schvindt
Theodor Schvindt, Finnish Heritage Agency, CC BY 4.0
Book: Ompelu- ja nauhakoristeita.

The pattern I choose is a belt pattern from Lemi, Finland. Here is the basic pattern on a grid. I haven’t included the edges as they don’t have any pattern threads:

The weaving pattern.

This pattern calls for 13 pattern yarns and 26 background yarns. To make this kind of pattern, the pattern yarn must be twice as thick as the background yarn. In addition, both edges have 3 white background threads and two red pattern threads. I used Nalle by Novita as a pattern yarn and 6-plied cotton twine as the background yarn. I don’t know the exact brand of the latter.

About double-slotted heddles

My double-slotted heddle.

My heddle is a double-slotted heddle that I bought through Etsy last year (or the year before that). As it was made in Russia, it’s unavailable right now but there are several other makers that make these heddles like:

A double-slotted heddle by VytuVatu at Etsy.
Double-slotted heddle by VytuVatu. Note that this heddle only has 11 pattern slots so it is not suitable for the pattern above!

Besides camera straps, you could make guitar straps, belts, bag handles, decorative bands for clothes, hair ties, and even shoelaces!

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