• My black bra with leave pattern.
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    Black leaf bra

    I got this lovely black sheer knit mesh fabric via Minerva Blogger Network and I thought it would be perfect for a bra. I had black push-up foam bra cups already waiting in my stash, so I decided to use one of my go-to bra patterns: The Amanda and Alyssa pattern by Pin-up Girls. Disclaimer: I am a Minerva affiliate but my opinions are my own. This mesh fabric came in two colourways, grey and black. I chose the black as it is easier to combine with the black bra cups. The leaf pattern has been created out of thread loops which makes it slightly three-dimensional. It doesn’t fray badly…

  • My blush bra.

    Blush lacy bra

    This bra took me months to finish! I bought this quite heavy embroidered tulle lace for bra making sometime last spring when I first started making underwear. However, nothing seemed to fit with it. I wanted to make a blush bra and not a white one with blush details. This led me into experimenting with fabric dyes and finding fabric from strange places! The pattern I used was again Pin-up girls Alyssa. Dyeing experiments I used to believe that you cannot dye man-made fibres. Then I found out that there are special dyes meant just for those. Some online sources lead me to try iDye poly dyes by Jacquard, especially…