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From Sewing Machine to Boudoir: The Magic of Making Your Own Bras and panties at home

I decided to take a little break from historical sewing and make some new sets of bras and panties for myself. I have my favourite patterns and I mix and match patterns and techniques depending on what materials I have at hand.

I decided to fix the sad state of my underwear drawer and spend a week sewing myself some new bras and panties.

Some links for people interested in learning to sew bras and underwear

Patterns and materials used in this video:

MakeBra (Finland)

B-wear (Sweden)

Bra-makers’ supply (Canada)

Megan Nielsen Acacia underwear

More materials (elastics and foam cups):

KL24 (Estonia)

Nuppu Print Company Lycra

I also recommend checking out Etsy where you can find many patterns and materials for underwear sewing.

Pictures of the finished sets

The pink underwear set, MakeBra DL04, and Megan Nielsen Acacia. Both patterns were modified to fit me:

Pink bra and panties.

The blue underwear set based on Pin-Up Girls Amanda & Alyssa pattern and Acacia:

Blue bra and panties.

The floral set using the same patterns as above:

Floral bra and panties

The champagne set, again with the same patterns:

Champagne bra and panties.

All the panties in a row.

All the panties in a row.

You can notice how I’ve mixed and matched elastics from my stash as I mostly had short amounts. I probably should learn to buy bigger amounts in one go! Just one pair of panties uses almost 2 metres of elastic and if I want to make several pairs I should buy at least 6 metres at one time. These panties above used over 16 metres of elastic!

Check out also my old bra-making posts here:

My first bra!

Pin-up Girl’s Alyssa foam cup bra

MakeBra DL03 – A balconette bra

MakeBra DL01

MakeBra online course

Blue lace bra and panties

Blush lacy bra

Polkadot bra

A gray t-shirt bra

A nude t-shirt bra

Black leaf bra

More bra-making

Summer bra

That is quite a list! If you go through them, you’ll notice how much my skills have improved. I know better how to combine materials and my sewing looks much better. Still, there’s always room for improvement!

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