Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine with leggings from Ottobre 1/2016
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Cute playwear for my girl

This morning S complained about a t-shirt that was too small. As I removed the old garment from her closet I decided to replace it with a new one. I found a nice tunic pattern called Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine.

There wasn’t enough of the light violet jersey, so I added the white sleeves and the collar finishing. I was a bit afraid of doing the rolled hem for the ruffles with my serger, since the last time I tried was a total disaster. However,  after consulting the guide book and reading carefully my notes, I managed to sew the rolled hem perfectly. I am proud of myself!

Ottobre_violetti_tunika_trikoot_ja_laukku - 3

The leggings pattern is from Ottobre 1/2016. I made two pairs in one sewing spree again after S complained having outgrown the old ones. One pair was orange-red and the other  purple.

Here are the garments from the back. I like the little keyhole detail in the tunic!

Ottobre_violetti_tunika_trikoot_ja_laukku - 2

Finally I sewed a little bag for S to hold all her personal stuff when we go to the town. I used a pattern from the book Mekkotehdas by Kirsi Etula and Sunna Valkeapää-Ikola but ended up making the pattern bigger by using a photocopier. Then I realized that the bag was a bit too long and rather than shortening the pieces I made a large pleat at the bottom of the bag.

Sorry about the dark pictures. Today has been rainy and cold and no amount of lights at home will

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