Colette Zinnia skirt with Okistyle Tiim blouse.
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Lizzie skirt from Sew Over It

The newest pattern from Sew Over It caught my eye immediately. I was only waiting for a right kind of fabric. Then one day I was going through the discount section in a small fabric shop in Helsinki and found a bit damaged end of roll wool crepe in a beautiful shade of mint green. The fabric was a bit yellowed and probably gotten wet at the other end at some point but there was nothing to suggest that I couldn’t clean it. The salesperson offered me the whole big piece with only 16 €, so I took a risk. Wool crepe is normally so expensive that I wouldn’t buy it. Washing the fabric at home did fix the fabric and there was just the right amount of fabric for Lizzie.

For anyone printing the pattern at home: Be aware that there are 54(!) pages to tape together. This is because there are separate pieces also for the lining.

I decided on size 10 to be on the safe side since I am between sizes 8 and 10. I cannot say much of the instructions since this was quite a simple make for me and I only glanced at them. What I can say, though, is that the hem is very long. I took something like 10 cm off it and I am still considering shortening it a bit more. Does the skirt look a bit heavy to you? As of other adjustments, the waist was also a bit large, so I added the belt loops to belt it in place around my natural waist.

Here is the skirt from the back. I am a bit unsure whether the center back zipper looks right with the pleats. It might also be my sewing since the end of the zipper always seems to gape a bit the way I do it. I will definitely sew this skirt again but I might move the zipper to the side seam where it doesn’t disturb the pleats.


The blouse I’m wearing is the Tiim blouse I wrote about in the previous posting.

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  • Elena

    I think it came out very well! I can see how it would look too heavy in a wool crepe if it had been longer, it depends what you are making it of. Imagine it made of heavy viscose, it would fall much straighter and look better long. I agree with you about the zip though – it’s better in the side, but it is always more difficult to sew in properly because the side seam is curved, while the back seam is straight. Also remember that wool crepe (if it’s a real crepe and not a look-alike) does not iron really and does not pleat flat, it always falls soft. Goes very well for this skirt, but it means that the zip will always look a bit bobbled. It’s always a good idea to check the waist before cutting, patterns are often made for waistless women, I find.

    • kk

      Well, a bit of extra on the waist is good. At least I can wear this for a heavy lunch and not feel too constricted! I have too many skirts that fit really well before lunch but are a torture afterwards. I’m a kind of girl that looks 7 months pregnant after a restaurant meal. 😀

      • Elena

        Have you tried to use a wide elastic for a waistband? I don’t mean to put it inside a fabric waistband – that creates folds and doesn’t look very good. I mean to attach a 4cm wide elastic directly to the skirt. You can either have it on show, or you fold the top of the skirt over it. Has to go with the style of course, but I find it quite comfortable, if the elastic is not too stiff. I know the problem of an expanding belly! 🙂

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