• Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine
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    Ruffles and roses

    May I present what is, on my opinion, the cutest tunic I’ve made so far! I used the pattern Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine as I have done before and cute floral viscose jersey with some added trims and frills from light orange viscose jersey. I always have felt awkward combining different patterns and colors but I think this time I succeeded very well. The orange jersey I had in storage was meant for something else but the colour fits perfectly with the colour of the roses in the main fabric. The tunic was also really easy to sew and my fingers are itching for me to continue making more of…

  • Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine with leggings from Ottobre 1/2016
    My projects,  Sewing

    Cute playwear for my girl

    This morning S complained about a t-shirt that was too small. As I removed the old garment from her closet I decided to replace it with a new one. I found a nice tunic pattern called Shy eyes from Ottobre 6/2016 magazine. There wasn’t enough of the light violet jersey, so I added the white sleeves and the collar finishing. I was a bit afraid of doing the rolled hem for the ruffles with my serger, since the last time I tried was a total disaster. However,  after consulting the guide book and reading carefully my notes, I managed to sew the rolled hem perfectly. I am proud of myself! The…

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    Hello! It’s me at last and my new Norah dress

    I haven’t yet shown my face in my blog, but here I am at last to show my new Norah dress. We took the pictures yesterday after exiting from the cinema where we went to see a new Finnish action comedy called Big Game. The tunic works best with some leggings. I have also worn it with a tee-shirt under it or with a cardigan and the outfit looks nice in both ways. The weather was finally warm and sunny, as you can see, but I still carried a button-up shirt just in case. The pattern is Norah dress from a wonderful book Sy! Urban Collection by Jenny Hellström. I originally…

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    Hippie flowers and ninja moves

    The warm weather has disappeared completely so tunic and long pants are a necessity and gave me an opportunity to try combining two gorgeous patterns. I made the tunic using Sophie tunic pattern by Sis Boom. I used the fabric with the smaller pattern as a basic fabric and added the other fabric to the cuffs and collar. There was a lot of left-over fabric, so I decided to make a pair of pants using “Peruspöksyt” pattern from a book “Juju – Erilainen lastenvaatekirja” by  Mari Savio & Kati Rapia. The 110 cm pattern ended up being way too big, so I added side seams and took away 2 inches from…