Black Lydia skirt from the book Boundless style.
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Something classic out of Boundless Style

I bought this book by Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns already when it came out 2015 but I haven’t really sewn anything out of it:

I loved the idea of a pattern book where everything mixes and matches with everything else and you can pick and choose the skirt, the bodice and the sleeves according to your own preference. How often have I thought that “that dress would be perfect, if only the skirt was a bit wider” or  “if it just had sleeves, I could wear it in the winter”.

Lydia skirt from the book Boundless style.

Anyway, as it turns out, picking and choosing is harder than it seems and finally after leafing through the book again once more (the pictures are really beautiful btw.) I decided to make just a skirt.


I chose the Lydia skirt which is a full multipaneled skirt with two overlapping pleats. I had this nice polyester crepe that suited this purpose perfectly and it didn’t take long to sew this even with the lining, I used the lining pattern provided in the book that did not have the pleats so it was faster to sew.

I did not really look carefully at the instructions since this was quite simple a pattern but the book includes very detailed instructions with a lot of images. The only thing I added was the belt loops for a narrow belt.


I really like how this turned out to be. The fabric completely crease free which is so nice in a dressy skirt. The fabric is quite heavy but it drapes well and I have worn this a lot.

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