Lekala pattern #4279 viscose dress.
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Flounces and sunshine

The sun is shining today and makes me so happy. The grass is starting to grow and if the weather keeps like this the leaves are coming out in a couple of days.


I am completely in the spring mood and I’m wearing my newest dress I made using Lekala pattern #4279. I mentioned getting this pattern free and was thinking of all kinds of romantic fabrics until I realised that the flounces need a more masculine fabric for the dress not to be overwhelmingly romantic. So I got this navy blue viscose from my stash that did not really appeal to me immediately. What I thought however was that when the cut of the pattern is interesting, you need a “boring” fabric and I wasn’t wrong.

For anyone interested in this pattern beware that the instructions are quite unclear especially what comes to the construction of the flounces. I mean, why do the instructions tell to cut the bias for the edge of the flounce and then it’s not sewn on? I think there must be some issues with the translation into English. Perhaps the word “overstitch” is meant to describe the whole process of sewing the bias-tape onto the edge of the flounce. Anyway, I did not bother with any of this but made a rolled hem using a serger. The only real change I made to this pattern was to leave the zipper out. I tested the dress and due to the elasticated waist and the loose fit I could easily slide into the dress even without the zipper.


Ok. I said that the fabric was boring, did I? But the dress is not boring to me! Actually I have worn it since I finished it two days ago. I particularly like how I can wear it with crazy coloured tights because the calm colours of the dress calm the tone of the outfit down. And if my arms feel cold I can throw an oversized cardi on the top.

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