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  • Hazel skirt small.
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    Hazel skirt

    This was a one quick project for my daughter. I found a small remnant piece of this lovely bright floral cotton and I immediately saw it as a spring skirt. I had the lovely Hazel skirt pattern that I used to make pinafores for my daughter and her friend. This time I decided to make just a skirt version. It did not take more than an hour to finish this make after the kids had gone to bed for the night! All the patterns were rectangles so they were quick to cut and sew together. Some gathering at the waist, an elastic band, a little topstitching to keep the elastic…

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    Make your own Sandra skirt – a free sewing tutorial

    I must admit that I love all kinds of circle skirts. Unlike pencil skirts they allow much more movement and are so much more comfortable. One day I saw this skirt on Pinterest and thought I could easily draft something similar. I made my first attempt and it got a lot of compliments. When I got this red tartan fabric I decided to improve the design and write a sewing tutorial for everyone to enjoy. What is a Sandra skirt? Sandra skirt is based on 1/2 circle skirt and 3/4 circle skirt patterns. The skirts are layered and the overskirt is shortened from the right side to make a nice…

  • Image: My trench coat deserves a twirl.
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    Trench coat project part 6: The finished trench coat

    … so here is the latter half of today’s posting, go here, if you missed the first part and here, if you want to start the series from the beginning. Hooray! My trench coat is finally finished! This has been a long journey that I started already in April, when I wrote about my coat plans. At that point I hadn’t found my pattern, yet and hadn’t met my wonderful, wonderful sewing teacher Michelle, who helped me tremendously along the way. Then I managed to find the McCall’s 5525 coat sewing pattern on Ebay and started drafting a coat. I used the pattern only as a starting point since I…

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    Tartan circle skirt and a bow top

    My coat is coming along nicely, but while I am still busy with it, I’ll post some pics of the outfit I made last spring. I did not post it then since it suits better for the autumn. the circle skirt This skirt is a basic circle skirt I drafted myself. The fabric is tartan from Calico Laine. I really like this fabric. It is polyester-viscose mix which drapes wonderfully, doesn’t wrinkle badly and doesn’t seem to pill. Circle skirts always take a lot of fabric. I have usually cut the circle skirts horizontally in two parts. However, the width of the fabric then determines the length of the skirt…