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Autumn Cami dress

Today I went for a walk in Helsinki and climbed up to the Uspenski Cathetral hill. It was a bit chilly without a jacket but I wanted still to take pictures of my autumn Cami dress. It is an older make but I have never managed to get good pictures of it before.

Anyway, this pattern is from Pauline Alice and I have also made a summer version with short sleeves. I got the fabric from a small fabric shop Palttina in Outokumpu. I am not sure the exact composition of it. It feels very much like cotton, but I am pretty sure it has some other fibers mixed in. It drapes nicely, feels warm and doesn’t wrinkle badly but it does have an unfortunate tendency to form pills in places.


I particularly like the sleeves in this dress. The 3/4 length is very flattering and the split cuffs add some extra interest.


The Cami dress pattern also has pockets (I forgot to remove the white phone charging cord that I had in my pocket, so it is sticking out!). A word of warning, though, for anyone making this pattern: The pockets are placed weirdly low. I think the positioning is so to make it easier to deal with both the pockets and the side zipper but I the pockets ended up being so low that I cannot comfortably reach to the bottom of them.


This is all for today. The trench coat is at the stage where I have to sew all the buttonholes by hand! Wish me luck! I have only 10 metres of the silk buttonhole twist and 11 buttonholes to make!

Thank you for visiting and see you soon! Happy sewing!

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