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White Quilted Sweater for my daughter

Hi there! This time I want to show some pictures of my daughter with her new animal friends. She is is wearing her new quilted sweater I made using a pattern from Finnish magazine Suuri Käsityö (9/2016).


I used the same fabric as I used before to make myself a sweater. The original pattern had bound neckline and gathered hem but I chose to make a simpler version and just turned the neckline and the hem and used my cover stitch machine to finish them. The sleeves have cuffs that have slits in them.


My children’s second cousin has two dogs and a horse that just had a foal this year. We went to see the foal and both me and S were completely enamoured. The foal was already three months old and was loosing it’s baby fur. He was feeling itchy and went around begging for scratches and we were happy to give them!


The little dog is called Bruno and he knows where the wind blows! He had no interest following S’s commands until S had a treat in her hand. We also learned that Bruno has his own Instagram account with over a thousand followers!


Despite spending a long time feeding and petting horses S’s white sweater stayed clean. The same couldn’t be said of my jacket that was covered in gray dust! Finally it started raining and we had to take cover leaving the horses to enjoy their shower.

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– Katja


I am a mother of two. I sew, knit and create and blog about it.

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