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Oldies: Uppländsk Fågelkrans hat

In my series of Oldies I post about some makes that are older than this blog. Why? I have been sewing and knitting for years and I even had an old blog that I removed years ago. Some of the makes deserve to be published and it is also interesting to see how the makes have behaved in use. I start with this knitted hat from the year 2012. The pattern is Uppländsk Fågelkrans hat by Anna-Karin Lundberg and it is available in both English and in Swedish. I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it on Ravelry and did not even want to change the colours.

I used one of the recommended yarns: Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk. This is a yarn that I can warmly recommend for anyone. The yarn has 15 % silk and 85 % of merino wool and it is wonderfully soft and luscious. It relaxes a bit in the wash but not too badly, but I recommend making a swatch. Despite washing the hat several times it is still in its shape and the colours haven’t run. Here is the hat after 5 years of use:

 Fågelkrans hat after 5 years of use.

On some years this has been my main winter hat and I have worn it a lot. You may notice a slight pink tint at the white parts which I think is due to slight red fluff that the yarn has acquired during the years. However, there is no pilling at all. All in all it is hard to believe that this hat is that old.

What I love in this hat is not only the cute bird design but also the loose fit that doesn’t flatten my hair. The stranded colour work not only looks nice but it also makes the hat warm.

Fågelkrans hat from the back.

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