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Baby clothes for my nephew

In the picture above is my new nephew who was born in June! As his only auntie, I was very keen on sewing something cute for him. Already before he was born, I made him a quilt and a baby nest which is the only place where he likes to sleep besides propped up against someone’s chest!

Ottobre 3/2012 1. Little Goldfish romper

Ottobre 3/2012 1. Little Goldfish romper.

Ottobre 3/2012 1. Little goldfish baby romper pattern comes in sizes 56 to 86 cm. I used lightweight chambray with a fun flamingo print. I had some trouble understanding the weird shapes of the pattern pieces, so, unfortunately, I cut the back piece upside down. Luckily the user is too small to know about it!

I made the size 62 cm, so that my nephew could wear it during this summer. It came out a little too large but I was able to fix it after fitting by moving the buttons to tighten the straps.

Ottobre 3/2012 2. Zebrafish tee

Ottobre 3/2012 2. Zebrafish tee.

The romper needed something nice to wear underneath. I bought this funny tractor print at Ommel and Ottobre 3/2012 2. Zebrafish was a perfect pattern for this, in fact, in the magazine it was combined with the romper above. This was easy to make, although I finally had to make the edgings without my coverstitch. Only after finishing this tee, I realized that I had dropped the second set of my feed dogs in my cover stitch machine, which was the reason for all those skipped stitches.

Ottobre 6/2012 2. Nukkumatti sleepsuit

Ottobre 6/2012 2. Nukkumatti: Baby sleepsuit.I have made this Nukkumatti sleepsuit for so many babies! It is simple and practical and suits wonderfully for cute printed jerseys. I remember even making something like this for my son, when he was a baby, but using another, very similar pattern. This time I used white organic jersey with forest animals on it. I made the suit in size 68 cm so that it would fit after the summer. Now that my nephew is 2 months old, it already fits him with the cuffs turned once.

Ottobre 1/2016 Spring wind hat


Ottobre 1/2016 9. Spring Wind baby hats.

These hats are super fast to make but also super cute. If you don’t have a pattern, just cut a rectangle with long bunny ears at the top corners. Make a mirror-image along the rim to be able to cut the lining out of the same fabric. Just leave the bunny ears out from the lining part. Cut two of these pieces and sew them together leaving an opening to be able to turn it the right way around. Fold the lining in and tie the bunny ears into knots. As I had some fabric left over from both jersey project, I made two hats, to fit with both outfits.

Here is the romper outfit with the top and the hat:

The set of baby clothes made with Ottobre design patterns.

Unfortunately, my dear little nephew lives hundreds of kilometres away, so I am unable to hold him as often as I’d like. However, with these baby clothes, there is a little bit of me that stays close to him.


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