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Baby clothes for my nephew

In the picture above is my new nephew who was born in June! As her only auntie, I was very keen on sewing something cute for him…


Summer Carolyn pajamas

My Sensible Sewing Challenge was at the back of my mind when I realized that this Lady McElroy lawn was perfect for a set of summer Carolyn pajamas…


Junebug dress as a nightie

Junebug dress pattern is a pattern for a dress and not a nightie. However, the colouring, the fabric choice and the vintage look makes it look more of a nightie to me…

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Winter pajamas – talvipyjama

I made myself a set of warm winter pyjamas. I modified the flannel trousers pattern from the Closet Case patterns’ Carolyn pajamas and made a t-shirt top using the shortened McCall’s M6886 jersey dress pattern…


Dreamy nightgown
Unelmien yöpaita

Suomeksi alla…After I made this nightgown for S, I wanted to have something similar and romantic for myself. I tried to find a suitable pattern but failed. Finally I decided to design my own. I took a raglan sleeved dress as a basis and started pinning things on my…

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Carolyn pajamas (Nyt myös suomeksi!)

In English below…Tällä kertaa kirjoitankin kahdella kielellä! Jos haluaisit jatkossa lukea ompeluseikkailuistani suomeksi, heitä minulle kommenttia tai sähköpostia, niin saan motivaatiota jatkaa!Tämä ihana ohut puuvillabatisti on lojunut kangasvarastossani jo jonkin aikaa odottamassa täydellistä kaavaa. Alunperin ajattelin tehdä siitä mekon, mutta kangas olikin mekkoa…


Sweet dreams in sweet nightgown

I think that there is something special in the old-fashioned long nightgowns. After seeing a picture of Olabelhe’s Hannah I knew that S must have it.Crisp white cotton with subtle pattern was perfect for the nightgown. Sleeveless gown suits well for the warm summer nights.The end…