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Teeshirts and summer holiday memories from my old hometown

Back to my Sensible Sewing Challenge! I made these teeshirts already in June but for some reason did not post these. However, I have been wearing them a lot. M6886 is a dress pattern but shortening it to a teeshirt length is trivial. I like the fit that is fitted but not too tight and suits well for those cotton jerseys that aren’t super stretchy.

I made two versions. One completely black and the other with black and white stripes. The stripy one is my favourite – even though I’m always nervous when washing it. I don’t want the white stripes to become grey! Anyway, it is the one that I’m always reaching for.

I wore it when exploring the Old Mine of Outokumpu, the town I grew up in:

Me in front of the Old Mine wearing my new stripy teeshirt from M6886.

I couldn’t appreciate the mine when I was a child and lived in Outokumpu. The copper ran out and the last mine closed just at the time I started school. Every single year we visited the Mining Museum and the mine was the subject of numerous art projects. In high school, we had to learn to recognise a huge list of different minerals, just because our hometown used to be dependent on them!

Now when I’m older and live elsewhere I can look at the old buildings more objectively and see the history and the beauty in them:

The tower of the Old Mine.
Machinery.There is something both sad and beautiful in the old machinery. These electricity boxes made me laugh. They look like a robot:

Electric boxes or a robot?


The second teeshirt I made was a basic black one. It is an easy classic tee that I can wear without worrying about washing or stains. Like when we took S fishing in the kids’ fishing place. It’s a small lake which has been stocked with salmon and other fish. Only kids are allowed to fish in there, but the adults can assist. My father helped S and I concentrated on nature photography.

Black t-shirt with M6886 dress pattern.

The lake.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I have been sewing a lot of jerseys lately which is much faster than sewing wovens, soI keep falling behind with these posts! However, I still couldn’t resist buying the new Sew Over It Work to Weekend e-book when I saw the patterns that were in it. Now I have already made two of those patterns!

Thank you for reading and see you soon! Happy sewing!




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