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Bubbles with bubbles (Ottobre 4/2011 Glow-worm top)

My daughter S insisted on having this purple and pink bubble jersey at Ommel 2018 festival and I couldn’t say no to her. The fabric is made by a Finnish company called Ommelkupla. Now I finally had time to make it into clothes. The 1 metre that I bought was enough to make both a sleeveless top using the Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm pattern and a matching skirt.

Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm top with my quick ruffle skirt. Back view.

Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm top

Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm top is a nice basic sleeveless top with some gathering at the neckline. It was a very easy and quick make and needs just a little scrap of fabric. The pattern comes in sizes 128 to 170 cm.

I think I can finally say that I’m friends with my cover stitch machine and this kind of project was so handy to finish with its binder attachment.

The only thing I can critique in this top pattern is that it is pretty short. If you are planning to use this pattern, I’d recommend adding 5 cm or 2″ to the hem. That way the hem can be tucked in and it also stays tucked in. In any case, it’s easier to cut off some extra fabric than to try to lengthen the finished top. I may have to see whether S really wants me to add a ruffle to the hem like she suggested at some point.

Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm top with my quick ruffle skirt.

The ruffle skirt

The skirt was pretty easy to make with no pattern required. I fitted the pink waistband ribbing to my daughter and then just gathered two rectangular pieces to make the ruffled skirt. It’s nothing fancy but S likes it very much.

When combined with the top the outfit looks a lot like a dress but both pieces can be worn separately. The skirt is fine to wear to school with some tights or leggings and the top is something S can wear for her numerous sports activities.


Bubble jersey outfit with Ottobre 4/2011 34. Glow-worm top.

There was really no question on what props we would use in this photo shoot! The only problem was to keep all the neighbours’ kids out of the shot since the bubbles are addictive! Everyone wanted to keep chasing them. Finally, I just made a huge amount of soap bubble liquid and left the children with their fun. S came back in much later covered in soapy water.

I hope you liked this post! Thank you for reading and happy sewing! Special thanks to everyone that have subscribed! I’m so happy that my sewing projects interest so many people!

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