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Cool snowmobile prints for my son

My 11-year-old son is becoming quite picky what comes to his clothes. I have found more and more difficult choosing fabrics for him since my suggestions get rejected very quickly. Now I have started texting my son and sending him pictures of the fabrics before buying them. This snowmobile organic jersey print by the Finnish company called Paapii got the rare acceptance, so I bought it immediately.

I used the same Ottobre design 4/2018 19. Space adventurer pattern than before. This time I just turned the sleeve cuffs instead of binding them.

Tube scarfs with a snowmobile print for my son.I had bought a metre of this fabric so I had quite a lot of leftover scraps. On a whim, I made my son tube scarfs. One is lined with thick brushed sweatshirting fabric and I meant it for outdoor wear, the other is unlined and is more of a fashion accessory.

If you want to make something similar, the width of the scarfs is about 26 cm. The unlined scarf is 33 cm long and the lined one is 44 cm. If you want to make lined tube scarfs for yourself, I recommend making them a little wider (and slightly shorter). I tried wearing my son’s scarf and it felt a bit restraining. It fits my 11-year-old son nicely, though.

A hat with a accent stripe for my son.

I still had some scraps of the jersey left, so I added a strip to decorate this hat I made out of brushed sweatshirting for my son. I used a pattern from Mehukekkerit as a starting point. I still had to modify the pattern quite a bit since the hat became way too big. My head is about the same size as my son’s so I kept shaving slices from the sides and the top of the hat until the hat fitted me.

Note the cool labels I made out of faux leather paper! I really think they make the garments look more professional. If you didn’t check my post on how to make them at home, it is here.

Do you have any good suggestions on fabrics for bigger boys that is past childish dinosaur and truck prints? Comment below! I think that the fabric selection is going to be more and more difficult as my children grow into teenagers.

This is all for today! Happy sewing!


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