Ottobre 4/2018-19. Space adventurer t-shirt and 3/2012-41. Baggy look hat.
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Robot shirt and a hat (Ottobre 4/2018 19. and Ottobre 4/2012 41.)

My son has again shot up during the summer and is in dire need of new clothes. Luckily I have stashed plenty of nice jerseys from Ommel and now got to use this robot print jersey to make something for my son. The newest Ottobre 4/2018 19. Space adventurer t-shirt was a good basic t-shirt pattern to start with.

The tee is a basic t-shirt with bound cuffs and a neckline. The pattern has sizes 128 to 170 cm which means that I will probably use it for a long time! Right now I cut the size 140 cm which fitted my son well.

Ottobre 4/2018 19. Space adventurer t-shirt.

The robot print fabric is from Viljamin puoti. I like the print that is not too childish for an 11-year-old. There is a bit shortage of boyish prints that are not meant for babies and toddlers. I usually just use solid colours but this print was a nice exception. The only problem was how to arrange the pattern pieces onto the fabric. I wanted to centre the robots and I spend a long time juggling the pattern pieces until I found a way to both centre the robots at the front and the back while still having enough fabric left for the sleeves. I finally managed by reducing the seam allowances to 7 mm (1/4″).

Ottobre 4/2012 41. Baggy look hat.

Sewing the t-shirt was very quick. Obviously, I didn’t make the astronaut applique since my fabric was already patterned.  I serged/overlocked all the seams and finished the cuffs and the neckline with the help my cover stitch machine’s bias binding attachment.

Ottobre 4/2018 19. Space adventurer tee and 4/2012 41. hat.

I had still small remnants of the jersey left and those were perfect for a slouchy hat. After digging through my stash of Ottobre design magazines, I found a nice pattern: Ottobre 4/2012 41. Baggy Look.

Ottobre 4/2012 41. Baggy Look hat hack.

The finished hat was really quite big and there was a possibility for it to stick oddly out since the fabric wasn’t very drapey. So, I made a little hack and pleated the back of the hat and sewed the pleats in place. I am pretty happy how the hat looks now.

The shorts that my son is wearing are Ottobre Marley shorts that I made this spring. I admit that the combination of shorts with a long-sleeved tee and a hat is a bit unusual, but my son had just fallen and injured his knee and long trousers were just not working. He was a bit sceptic on whether it would be too cold for shorts but finally, when we got back from our little cycling and photoshoot trip to the nearby industrial zone, we were both sweating in the early September heat.

Thank you for reading! More kids’ garment sewing projects are coming! In the meantime, Happy Sewing to all my wonderful readers!





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